Legal representation

Our legal representation activities cover the founding, and amending/changing the contracts of enterprises in all fields of corporation law, in addition to representation in private international law proceedings as well as to providing assistance in resolving financial/legal issues. We have an outstanding success rate in tax administration procedures and in subsequent court proceedings.
We only offer criminal law defence in the case of financial crimes.
No success, no pay.


Standing at the helm of our legal representation activities is Dr János Schmidt attorney-at-law, who acquired his diploma at the ELTE University Budapest, Faculty of Constitution and Law, followed by a diploma from the University of Europe, i.e. the university organised by the European Community, and then by a diploma from the Robert Schumann University Strasbourg, Faculty of Comparative Law.


When introducing ourselves on the Internet, the best reference would be to name some of the clients we have represented over the years. Unfortunately, this is not possible, not only as a result of the attorney's obligation of confidentiality, but also due to compulsory discretion.

Schmidt & Szimon Pénzügyi és Jogi Tanácsadó Kft.
is situated on the 4th floor of the office building in Budapest 1034, Bécsi út 163.
Telephone and fax: 387-8147, 387-8148 and 387-8149
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